Self Love Or Self Acceptance


Is Self Love important or Self-acceptance important?                                                                         Self-love is all about loving-self, loving our own goodness, our flaws. How do we know if we love ourselves? Whenever we feel low or wrapped up in certain unwanted situations or struck in some sad phases of life, everything a person needs at that point of life is ‘Hope’. And when you find a ray of Hope, it means you do Love Yourself and in case if you didn’t  you would have not even thought about coming out of troublesome situations. So, consciously or unconsciously everyone is in love but tend to take themselves for granted. Loving yourself is as similar as handling your relationships– A relationship to work out needs caring, pampering, time, understanding, trust, comfort, forgiveness, goals, dreams, not taking relation for granted, respecting and lot more aspects. So, stop taking Yourself for granted and start investing some efforts in order to maintain a happy relation with Yourself. Here are some ways to Love-Yourself ;

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Self Acceptance is all about accepting-self, whether you’re pale, fat, short, tall. It is all about accepting Self and Being_You!!  Selfacceptance is an individual’s satisfaction or happiness with oneself and is thought to be necessary for good mental health. Selfacceptance involves self-understanding, a realistic awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. In order to gain Self-Acceptance, everyone must be aware of it..!!

It is a beautiful life, don’t let it go in vain by thinking, You’re not worth it, you don’t deserve it, you are not beautiful enough, or by being not so comfortable with yourself. Because everyone is Beautiful in their own ways & Everybody is Unique. Fill the life with bundles of Joy, Treasure of Happiness, Beauty of Confidence, Art of Love & Acceptance.


So, I feel both Self Love & Self Acceptance are equally important., “Self -Acceptance is an Unconditional Self-Love” !! 


4 thoughts on “Self Love Or Self Acceptance

  1. Well said young lady, wise beyond your years 😀

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