Jai Jawan!!

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Everywhere we tend to run on toes to achieve successful life, to stay happy, to lead an amazing life, we work hard to fulfill all our desires. In short, we all are already happy, and we are in seek of extra happiness or in seek of the pleasure that we gain by fulfilling all our desires. But have you ever been Grateful & Thankful enough for all our primary happiness that we already possess by birth? Did you ever realize that the sense of safety, security, happiness that we derive is from our Combat?

Be Grateful to all those brave men of our country out there who are sacrificing their lives to save our lives.

Be thankful for them because we are all happy & celebrate DIWALI every year while they are busy playing HOLI throughout their lives in order to save ours & to safeguard our motherland.

Pray for those brave men who stood strong & fought throughout. Whenever the Himalayas was wounded, our freedom was in Danger. Our men fought to their last breath but unfortunately some couldn’t return back home.

For them, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Maratha, and all other castes are equal. Anything that caught them together as a team was being Hindustani. This is something every one of us must understand and stop fussing about casteism.

Although they were drowning with blood-shed, still they pick their rifles up & shot their rivals black and blue and left the world in the end by saying,

“If I die in war zone
Box me up and send me home
Put my medals on my chest
Tell my mum I did my best” 

In this Selfish world, there still exist people who are so Selfless and spend their lives in serving their Nation day and night. The ‘Service before Self’ culture of the Indian Defence Services is what makes them so respectful and a pride to our country. It literally gives me goosebumps whenever I think of them serving at the borders in minus degree temperatures. I proudly say that I’m very grateful, thankful and lucky enough to have such brave men in my country.

-“Jai Hind”

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