Struggles Of a Comman Man


We see a lot of people struggling, some people enjoying, few people living lavishly. We also come across unexpected realities, people who we thought were useless, today are at much greater heights; people who we thought would achieve so much, couldn’t give their best later; some people maintained their consistency levels as it is. But at the end of the day, it’s their hard work and dedication that holds them up and it should not be dependent upon what people say or what they expect.

be-grateful                                                 It is a harsh truth. Mostly when people get clicked on a job or a business or anything that they do for a living, they start believing that their success will remain with them forever. People tend to take things lightly, in fact, they take things for granted. People say life is not so easy. Look at the other side of it- people never said life is a hard thing to lead. Then why to make it complicated!!

When people start thinking whatever they do, success will follow them forever and lead their life without any plans, without standing on the safer lanes, unexpectedly sad things might happen. And in case if people are willing to take up risks, they must be strong enough to face any kind of consequences. And this is a known thing that time changes anyway and hard days are faced by every human on this planet- If a person faces hardships, definitely he’ll not face problems just from one side, he tends to face it from every way possible.

Lets say if a person is juggling around a normal income, his job might not be good according to him, his family members might prick him with their words, society might not respect him the way he expects, he might not have enough money to join his children to good schools where he always wished to join them in, he might be in debts and basically things might not work along his beautiful vision and the weird part is all such problems are faced by that person at a same time. In such times, brave people stand strong and face every hard day so courageously. They put in their utmost efforts possible and hope that everything will be fine one day soon. Whereas weak headed people get afraid of losing everything, start worrying and to avoid the situations people even end up committing suicides. But remember;

                                  “People who stand strong like a storm in the difficult days no matter what, are the real winners and the quitters can never be winners. It’s a beautiful life- don’t let it go away. The way we enjoy good days, we should be thankful for the bad days as they make us strong”. 

This is a prone thing that’ll keep you much happier than usual: 1] Be grateful for everything that happens in life.  2] Be thankful for everything that you wanted is with you.  3] Be good to everyone you meet and never hurt others.  4] Throw away emotions that makes you evil. Such as selfishness, jealousy, talking bad about others, making false statements about people, because one day even you’ll have to face the same. 5] Practice meditation or workout daily for a fresh, peaceful and positive mind.




6 thoughts on “Struggles Of a Comman Man

  1. great post – we all need some encouragement sometimes!

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    1. Thank you. And Yes I agree with you, every one of us needs encouragement so that our heart happily pounds and runs on the path where it is being encouraged enough.

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