A March Towards Bright and Safe Future!! (A change from #MeToo to #WeToo)


I was literally shocked to look at the response #MeToo – A kind of confession as well!!

#MeToo: Hundreds of women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted stood up to be counted. Also,“Me Too” as a status since it would “give people a sense of the magnitude of problem”.

What I wanted to see was, “At least ONE Woman who said NO NOT ME”!! But what I saw was, almost everyone- my friends, my relatives, the younger ones, the older ones commenting #MeToo, Of course including me ..!! It is said that at least 1 in every 5 women face sexual violation which has become such common sin. But WHY? Don’t you people think it’s high time now? All we have to do is, ‘Raise The Voice’ against all this crap and learn to say NO, learn to SHOUT LOUDER, learn to FIGHT AGAINST it, learn to stay BOLD & FEARLESS, learn to RESPECT & LOVE YOURSELF!! Know that your body is your Property & not others. Nobody will come to your rescue until & unless you shout out and stand up for yourself.


Studies show that majority of the children below 18 faces sexual harassment. So each & every child should be taught & moreover it is their basic need and a right to possess knowledge by their parents and this subject must be added into school curriculum about- what is good touch, what is bad touch, no matter what- ‘child should not feel ashamed of sharing things’ if anything goes wrong with her. If you are wondering about how to make your child understand about such sensitive topic, here are some ways to teach your child:


I’m so proud that women are so bold and headstrong, face difficulties boldly, balance their work life & professional life amazingly well, take up stress from everywhere and still manage to stay calm with a beautiful SMILE & and face challenges equally. Women are achieving greater heights and have been a role model and inspire people all over the globe in the fields of Technology, Medicine, Research, Business, Creativity, Art, Management, Fashion, Defense, Politics, Homemakers and in many other sectors.


I believe when they can achieve things by crossing over hurdles, even we can pursue all our dreams by  pushing ourselves from #MeToo (raising our voice against harassment) to #WeToo (achieving DREAMS and making our Country proud) isn’t it an impressive moment if everyone start sharing #WeToo have accomplished our DREAMS by sharing all the success stories, how beautiful it will be 🙂 Even Men are equally important so as to understand and realize how important it is to respect and value women and support them by not harming them in any way possible. Of course, there is a long way to go, then Why not start working on it from today !! Why do we have to worry when we know that we have the ability to lead our paths successfully, confidently. Let us all lead our step towards a bright future and to reach out there we will have to be safe and secure. So, let’s join all together and share our efforts in making INDIA a safe country, empowering it with no gender discrimination, let’s break all the meaningless bonds that we are tied to, and evolve as a meaningful individual.


YES, WE CAN & WE WILL DO IT !! #WeToo ;’)


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