Criticisms while Transformation!


I sense that most of the people in life face a lot of critics. The deeper you face criticism the more shattering of confidence is faced by you but I would say never give up.

Just like this, I have seen one of my relative facing the major criticism while he was undergoing a transformation from a wrong career path to his Right career path. By looking at his happening life, I once asked him about his journey.

He said,” Firstly he was forced to pursue MBBS, which was not even a part of his dream. Fortunately/Unfortunately he couldn’t get through his MBBS journey easily like his other friends did because of the lack of interest he had in that field. He was always fascinated about creating his own Business Empire, establishing it in India and Abroad as well. While he was forced to pursue his MBBS and with great difficulty he completed it. But still, his Dream of creating a Business Empire followed him. He then decided to fight for his Dreams and dropped an idea of making his career in a field where he was merely interested and switched his path towards Business. He faced a lot of difficulties and Criticisms.

People kept taunting about him behind his back saying, he was not worthy of being a doctor, he never had that charisma, he was stupid and a fool who dropped his medical career in between, he was not that intelligent enough to study medicine. People even pricked and taunted his parents with their hurtful talks. Some people playing a role of well-wishers came up to him and gave unwanted suggestions. And upon this, his real battle that’s business made him face many failures but still, he never gave up. He knew he could crack it up. He followed his instincts, he followed his Dreams, although he faced failure- where again critics came into picture stating, ” He’s a loser, Failure, Dumb, Idiot”, he felt low but he NEVER GAVE UP.

All those critics made him strong, all those failures made him well-experienced and now he could see the ‘Transformation’. Transformation in his personal life, Transformation in his professional life because now he’s a Millionaire who’s about to become a Billionaire and is working on the expansion of his company. And now people appreciate him in front of his family, he did a right thing that he followed his Dreams”.

Now I feel people unnecessarily scribble or interfere in others lives and criticize, hurt others feeling, make others struggling life still more complicated for no reason. It’s great that he could achieve what he dreamt of, but even if he could not, it’s absolutely not right on others part to criticize. That should be none of their business.

LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE !! Make yourself UNSTOPPABLE and then you can see nothing can stop you !!

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