Gratitude Is The Mantra

500_F_54289951_tVRl0MWrVM4bJOa396sGjb0dvSKery8b                                                            Once there lived a lady in a hut, a lonely soul in an isolated area. Every morning she used to go forest to collect woods, vegetables on a daily basis. She was sick always and her sickness was getting worse day by day. So, the lady wanted to get rid of her life. The lady had become soo pale, her body was so weak, her skin was filled with rashes, body filled with wounds. One day on her way to the forest fell down badly and cried out loud out of pain and the little girl went to her rescue and took the lady back to her home. Then a conversation started between the two;

Lady: Baby where were you going alone?

Little girl: I’m going in seek of God.

Lady: (smiles at the girl) On meeting the God can you please ask him why am I going through all this pain.

Little girl: Yes, and till then take care of yourself.

The little girl leaves in seek of God. On walking deeper and deeper into the forest she finally finds the Supreme of all, GOD. God asks her, why were you searching me? The little girl replies I wanted to meet you, see you and talk to you. She again says her mother loves him so much but has never seen him in reality. So she was in search of him to find out if he exists for real. God then smiles at the little girl. The little girl then tells god about the lady whom she met on her way. She asks God, why was that lady going through so much pain. God replies, the lady that she met is suffering the same way since her past lives and she will suffer the same way in future too because of her sinful deeds. But, on meeting the lady ask her to say, THANK YOU and mean it from the bottom of her heart, for everything (both good and bad days) that she is going through. The little girl then happily comes back and meets the lady who was lying on her bed in extreme sickness. The little girl tells the lady to follow the GRATITUDE Mantra that God gave her. Since then the lady started thanking every good or bad incident that she came across as an optimist. And slowly the Lady started recovering, her wounds were healed, her illness recovered, her rashes were reduced, she became much of a happy person even though she lived alone. She was the same person who wanted to get rid of her life but now she started living her life in a better way. Her practice of Being Thankful transformed her life into a happy living and cured her sins. Her health, stress, illness-sickness improved.


It’s all about being Grateful, Thankful, Helpful, being Kind, Gentle and showing Gratitude. Definitely, it is of free of cost but is worth practicing it. Practising it helps a person lead a happy-peaceful life. Do try it, also I’ll share my experience of practicing the same.

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