It’s Okay to Let Go..!!!!!

Everybody lives in their fantasy world… Especially teenagers, Does True Love exists..!! Is it true if the concept of a soulmate is for real..!! Is it true if you can ever find so-called Mr/Miss Perfect..!! Do fairytale love stories happen for real? Is there something called “perfect relationship”? Are all love stories similar to that of Bollywood movies? So this post is personally dedicated to all the Teens across the Globe and of course, everybody else is welcome to read it 🙂                                                                                                                Okay, now coming back to reality 😛 We live, We make friends, We have fun and try’n enjoy to the fullest, We make mistakes and learn from them, We Dream, We party, Have a fixed everyday routine as in, School or college, tuitions etc where we keep trying to step out of so-called boring everyday routine in every way possible, and then we’ll have this huge crush on someone who we think at a very young age as if it is love. In fact, children who don’t even know the meaning of love have Gf/Bf these days.

Let me share a true story with you guys. So there was this very cute li’l girl who always believed that, if she gets into any relation, that’ll be very much relatable to the most happening happy love stories which are usually shown in movies. She always stayed in her Dreamy world. She had never seen the other face of the world. The guy whom she came into relation with, was her best friend, who always used to make her laugh and the girl felt happy with him, thinking that they would have this “perfect happy relationship”, she accepted the guy’s proposal. But then a couple of days later, the guy who used to make her laugh to the core, started making the same girl cry to the core, cheated on her, hurt her so very deep that it was too huge for her to handle it for her age and finally broke her heart for the 1st time ever. Although it was nobody’s fault here. At such young age who would have a serious relationship, the girl here thought she loved him and always blindly gave her heart to him, who broke her heart every time in every possible way and was never serious. He just wanted to show off in front of his friends and he did it. The girl later hit the major depression level, stopped having food, stopped caring herself, started staying within closed walls and a door shut, always frustrated and always rude. She had no idea what went wrong, she forgot to smile, she just felt empty and lonely, nobody to share things with and the friends whom she had before were no more with her since, the guy had created distance (misunderstandings) between them. Her parents worried and failed to find out what was going on with their daughter.

Then another guy came into her life with all the good intentions, good human with a kind heart, made her laugh, taught her to smile genuinely, helped her in most of the things, and she too was a great support system for him, loved him, appreciated him, helped him in every way possible. The guy while sorting her life, suddenly started hurting her, ignoring her. He became too possessive, took her for granted, hurt her by still staying in contact with his ex, cutting off all her social sites away which she always enjoyed being active on, yelling at her sometimes in public too and one fine day the girl reached threshold level of tolerance and was tired of all these insecurities. She decided to move on. After a long break when he realized where it went wrong, it was too late, and by then the girl had already moved on in her life. He again returned back for one more chance but things started getting clumsy day by day. Both of them finally parted their ways after 4-5 years of togetherness..!!! For the very 1st time of heartbreak, the girl went under depression but the next time the girl managed to stay positive and calm. For everyone, God has a fixed plan. Like people suicide because of love failures or breakups, start consuming drugs, put their lives in danger knowingly, makes no sense. Don’t be impatient, don’t take wrong and impulsive decisions ever. Because along with you your family will have to suffer. So, it’s okay to let go..!!

After so much of exposure to the real World, she still didn’t let her personal life affect her goals, her dream. Today she’s an officer, serving her country,  a #proud_Indian and a proud daughter of her parents. A very happy and kind-hearted person. So never give up your life for someone else, there is something special in store for you in future. It is surely not necessary to have found your soulmates by the 1st or the 2nd time you meet or get into a relationship. Every human is different and every human’s nature too will differ from one another. Then it is obvious that the choices will also differ. For instance, if you have to buy a chair from a shop, you go sit on the chairs that you prefer buying where you’ll have certain criteria ex; design, color, material, comfort, brand, price, height etc and among them, you’ll end up buying the most comfortable chair. So, if that is the case for just buying a chair, then to find out your soulmate you’ll need time to find out that most “comfortable” one!! Although people can make faces at you or judge you for your trials. But guys, it’s your life, once you marry, just marry the most comfortable and understanding one where both of you enjoy each others company forever and after, and make decisions such that you would never regret..!!!

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