Juggles And Giggles

So, have you ever felt like giving up? Frustrated out of setbacks? Not feeling happy? Struck in the jungle of insecurities? Worrying about things that keep spoiling your mood/days? Wasted time that didn’t even matter in the end? Felt pressurized? Lost something worth a million because of your foolishness? Felt lonely ever? Realized that you stayed in your own bubble of thoughts too late? Felt like you should run away from this world and sit in a peaceful place? And lot more disturbing incidents that keep pricking you every now and then?

Well no matter what, it’s a life and shit happens..!!! People expect not to face sadness, fear, tough times, challenges… But if you notice, that’s what dead people go through..!!! Every human in this World has to face challenges and in the end, it’s about how well he manages to face his challenges…

This is a world where one experiences both happiness and sadness. But, we keep bragging only about sadness and hence, there is this phase called depression which most of us have gone through. But its equally important for us that we even cherish the best moments of life and make ourselves realize there’s still more left to experience and it’s just a beginning. Don’t worry, you have beautiful return gifts in store for your hard work. On a serious note, never ever think of ending your life voluntarily. Since you might miss out the life’s most fun, exciting, precious moments and it’s a crime too.

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Welcome to the world of madness. One should learn these three things ; (1) Always be curious (2) Be happy for no reason (3) Fight tirelessly for what you want

You really have to quit these five things; (1) Trying to please everyone (2) Fearing change  (3) Living in the past (4) Putting yourself down (5) Overthinking

Once you fall in love with your life and yourself, everything starts falling into its place. Things start getting better. You’ll find your life getting sorted to an extent. And there you go, along with your juggling days- your days will be filled with giggles too. And the weird truth is, your positive hope and faith for the best days will somehow reach you out- ‘yes that’s a universe logic’. They say, ask anything from the depth of your heart and the universe will conspire to make it happen. Don’t forget to make the most of such moments.

Live. Love. Enjoy.!! Keep smiling 😉




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