One Level_Up Towards Equality

edu.PNGToday I was having a cup of coffee in the evening, a very pleasant atmosphere with a cool breeze and all of a sudden certain things started revolving all over my head.                              A couple of months before, I came across an incident which has been bothering me for weeks. I met a girl in my hometown who completed her 12th grade (PU) and was so keen about pursuing her degree from RVCE & since I was studying here, she came to me for guidance and to know about the procedures. I could literally feel her excitement. She said,” I know my family is little Orthodox but since I have a chance of getting into one of the top colleges, my family would definitely support me”. Even I assured her that I would convince her parents if needed. She was a bit nervous but she had faith and belief in her family that they would support her. After few days I got to know from my mother that she joined an engineering college in the same town. I was shocked. I called her up and asked her why did she join some random college when she had already dreamt of joining one of the best colleges which she knew, she deserved one!! The moment I spoke about it, she was in tears. She said, her family did not allow her because she was a girl and she was asked to join some random college even when she was getting a free seat because her family members were not comfortable in sending her to a city. Whereas parallelly, her brother was made to join in one of the top colleges that too through management quota. No offense, I just wanted to know one thing, ‘how is it her fault if she’s a girl’..!!                                                                                                                                    I could hear her broken voice, feel her lost-confidence. This was literally a sad moment for me. When people at home are only shattering their little one’s dreams, how do we even expect the big World that we are living in, for Equality? Education is a Human Right, nobody has a right to stop them from studying. Giving women the freedom to make their right choices and not giving #whatsoever_reasons about their gender or some external factors but, by supporting-guiding them throughout their journey in order to fulfill their DREAMS is what every child deserves.

I say, stand up for your Dreams. For others, your dream might look small but it’s your dream, you know its value, you definitely know how big your Dream is..!! Until and Unless you stay rigid on your Dream nobody else will even care about considering it. Stay strong & determined. Do not let go of your Dream. Remember,

“If you give-up on your Dream, you might end up being one among everyone. But, if you chase your Dream you would be one among the people, about whom our Country is proud of”. 

Have you ever thought, if everyone on this planet stopped their female children by showing them their limitations, today we would have not had all these successful women who today are the glory of our country, who are internationally recognized and  successful in every field possible;

It’s a complete journey of making your children shine bright, achieve success. So stop setting boundaries and let your children explore themselves, help them to be a responsible individual, independent and let them grow high with all your love, support and blessings.

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