Vaidya Narayana Murthy- The Herbal Cancer Healer

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Nowadays people face a lot of difficulties while suffering from diseases. People consult doctors, take many tablets, get therapies done, still rely on a hope of curing their diseases even then, when they spend a huge amount for their treatments. Can you imagine someone who can cure dreadful diseases like cancer (cancer’s many different types) including normal common diseases without spending much for your medicines? Can cancer be treated with relatively lesser pain for the patient and with lesser financial resources? Are there any effective alternative medicines available that can improve the patient’s health substantially? The answer is “Yes”. Vaidya Narayana Murthy is one such practitioner who seems to be dispensing effective ayurvedic medicine for treating cancer.

You might either feel that I’m kidding or you might feel it’s a miracle.  A healer from Malnad region, Karnataka- India. He has been treating people for decades and this custom of him healing diseases is a gift from his ancestors since 800 years. He says, it takes nearly 40 years to learn this skill and now his son is being trained for the same. There are few NGOs that help Vaidya Narayana Murthy in his noble effort.

Vaidya Murthy usually treats 2000-3500 people in a week and people he treats have serious problems like gastric problems, nasty skin conditions, Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney related diseases etc. He cures people just using the various tree barks. People come to him with their hope, trust, medical reports and they share their problems in front of him, where accordingly he gives them the tree barks and ask them to consume it for so and so many days. He hardly takes half a minute per patient to give them the medicine. People from different parts of India, Kuwait, Iran, England and many more countries come to him for healing their diseases.

People seek for him as early as 3AM in the morning and stand in the Queue. Few people arrive the previous day evening and wait until morning to receive the medicine. The queue usually gets around 200 to 300 people by 7AM. The queue gets longer around noon and in the evenings reaching around 500-600 people. So far about 60-70% of the people have found positive results. And herbal medicines are safe enough to consume.

Address is; Shri. Vaidya Narayana Murthy, Village Narasipura, Anandapura, Sagar Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka, India.

I took this platform to spread this message so that people who are in need might find it useful. Do consider it and try it out. Lucky ones do get their cancers cured. Please consult with the doctor if a patient is undergoing Chemotherapy / Radiation Therapy, can take the herbal cancer medicine.


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